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Read More When you think of Las Vegas, you’re more likely to think of one-night stands and fly-by-night marriages than deep, long-lasting relationships.However, although there might be some challenges unique to living in Las Vegas, it is definitely possible to begin and maintain an enduring relationship in this town.

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Some found love through arranged marriages while others met through family and friends, or occasionally while out and about town.The underrated concept of live-in relationships has made love an autonomous process, letting it take its responsibility in its own hands. Love previously needed a time slot to be separately kept aside but now she is always around, humming in the kitchen or decorating the front porch, being a part of you by just being in your sight.As I confidently enter my late twenties and am constantly reminded by my well-meaning mother that the only way for my menial and insignificant life to be complete is by getting married (aren’t mothers great?Love: everybody wants it, yet why does it seem to elude so many of us?Should love be considered the eighth Wonder of the World?

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