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At this point, you should be able to set up NIS on master and slave servers and have a good understanding of how map changes are propagated from master to slave servers.

Before creating a new NIS network, you should think about the number of domains and servers you will need.

There are a number of commands in Solaris that you can use to obtain information from and about the NIS database.

After editing files on the master server, you use make to tell NIS to convert them to their hashed format.If the above commands do not make it clear what your problem is, you might want to consult the NIS files.If a NIS server is doing something incorrect during map distribution, you should look at the /var/yp/Makefile on the NIS server.Technical Walkthrough Abstract Microsoft® Windows® Services for UNIX 2.0 includes User Name Mapping.This is a component that maps user names between Windows and UNIX name spaces.

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