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Another example of feed that triggers a download prompt in IE11 instead of being displayed: feeds no longer show their content and instead show a little grey square on the page, such as these: And some feeds continue to show unread posts even when everything has been read, such as these: running the latest IE11 preview on Win8.1 but it's been happening since the first release that came out back in June or July. Thus, I have to manually figure out which of those are new, and manually mark the feed as read. I have IE 11 RTM from Windows 8.1 RTM and this update has broken all the RSS syndication functionality for Feed Burner feeds.

As mentioned by Lionel, they now only show the HTML page.

I knew how it worked technically, I saw how it could possibly be useful, but I just never really cared enough to actually use it, and I couldn't imagine why anyone else ever would, either. And as I’ve mentioned before, I really dislike the current state of the web, where each web site is most like a program, with its own interface and quirks and learning curve, not to mention bugs, advertisements, distractions, and security issues.

So if I can take the content from the sites I love and read that content in a program I already know, I’m a happy man.

This should not be "By Design" as it worked in all prior versions of IE!

I rely heavily on this working to get news from various web sources. There are at least 2 ways RSS feeds are broken in IE11/Win7: * feeds "powered by Feed Burner" show the HTML page instead of the styled RSS (examples: ) * some feeds cause a download prompt instead of being displayed (example:

The Windows 7 Feed Reader gadget runs very lightly, and you shouldn’t notice any performance issues, unlike old Windows Vista gadgets.

and this is why the program is still very relevant to me. 1) The installer lets you pick an installation location.

I know newer browsers have RSS built in but we still use IE6 (corporate standard.. Hence this is why Tiny RSS is a neat tool for me to look at..actually works in IE6.

Hi, After installing IE11 I found all RSS feeds used by freeware Desktop Sidebar refused to update. See also: I'm not clear if this issue is related or not but on certain sites using Feed Burner (if not all sites), there does not seem to be a way to subscribe to the RSS feed.

This is likely Google not recognizing IE 11 (whether intentionally or not I'll leave to you)IE 11 feeds do not work at all on RSS Feeds created by sites (those show up with a single pixel dot) In this case the source shows that it IS sending the normal RSS ATOM stream but IE is not rendering correctly.

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