How important is attraction in christian dating polishdating co uk

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What if all of these godly principles that should be found in a potential spouse are there, but there’s not that inherent, almost primal, “zing-pow” feeling?

I cannot marry a woman who I am not very, very, physically attracted to or else the intimacy will fade later in life.

But that's only one piece of what makes people attractive, and it is not the main piece — nowhere close.

Mutual faith in Jesus Christ should be the most arrestingly attractive thing about any potential spouse," Segal contends.

But at least among my Christian friends when I was young, the idea of being very physically attracted to each other was sort of a lesser priority.Segal explains that God created physical attraction, and while it does play a role in marriage, it should be seen as flexible, with a spouse's inner beauty being a far more important and long-lasting asset."Physical attraction is real, but flexible," Segal writes, noting that it's part of God's design to find each other beautiful.The most attractive asset in a spouse should be ..."God gave us physical senses and desires for our good.For example, I recently sent the Boundless article “” to one of my single guy friends.Here’s what he had to say about it: I agree, but what about the spark?

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